Top TubZ RC 

Top TubZ RC 

We are a family owned business based in the UK 

Providing bespoke hand-made, durable products for radio controlled trucks 

Benefits of Top TubZ 

Benefits of  Top TubZ 

Using a Top TubZ as a protective cover for your RC car can effectively prevent debris from entering and damaging your electronics, which can save you money on repairs such as broken motors, driveshafts, and fan blades. Additionally, Top TubZ can also serve as a useful truck stand that helps protect your tires from developing flat spots. Whether you are a seasoned RC enthusiast or just starting, we have the products you need to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. 

Bespoke Hand Made Covers 

Bespoke Hand Made Covers 

Top TubZ is a family-owned business that was founded in January 2021. Each Top TubZ is meticulously crafted by hand and undergoes many distinct processes before being prepared for final packaging and shipping. 



What Do We Sell? 

At Top TubZ RC, we offer a range of high-quality products designed to protect and enhance your RC vehicle. Our Top TubZ covers are bespoke and specifically designed to keep the inside of your truck clean while maintaining its fun and adventurous nature. We also offer Shock Covers to give your shocks added durability and protection against water, dust, and dirt. Our Tie Rod Protectors protects your tie-rod and steering buckles from corrosion and stone damage. For a comprehensive solution, we offer Kits that include a TopTubZ cover, Shock Covers, Tie Rod Protectors and Antenna tubes. Whether you RC all year or just starting out, our range of products will help maintain your vehicle's peak performance and condition. 

What are your opening times? 

To better serve our customers in the United States, we have extended our processing hours until 23:00 (GMT) to cover US timezones. You can rest assured that your order will be processed promptly and efficiently, no matter where you are located in the world. 

What Is A Top TubZ Made From? 

Top TubZ is a unique product made from lightweight and heat-resistant Polypropylene material. To ensure durability and flexibility, we add layers of waterproof rubber-based coating to the Top TubZ. The mesh used is made of non-combustible, weatherproof, PVC-coated fiberglass. 

What Is In My Package? 

At Top TubZ RC, we provide regular updates on the status of your order, and once it is ready for dispatch, we will send you proof of postage. If you have paid extra for UK or international tracking, we will also provide you with a tracking number. Your package will contain all the items you have ordered, as well as some decals, extra velcro for your convenience, instructions on how to fit your product, and the correct velcro to attach to your chassis or fenders. Additionally, we include a thank you card that encourages you to write a review, along with a code that gives you a 10% discount on your next order with us. 

Will there be any heat issues? 

With it's unique breathable mesh system, a Top TubZ cover provides more ventilation than other debris covers, however it is essential to note that any cover over your electronics can sometimes cause heat issues. If you are running your RC car in hot climates or over-gearing this can still cause heat issues. Therefore, we do recommend running extra or upgraded fans on your motor and ESC to prevent heat issues. 

How Your Products are shipped 

Top TubZ products are shipped worldwide using Royal Mail. For parcels sent abroad, a tracking number will be provided to enable tracking of your shipment. While tracking adds to the cost of shipping, it is crucial for monitoring the delivery progress of your package and locating it in the event of a delay or loss. Without tracking, it may not be possible to investigate a missing item. Typically, parcels sent overseas take approximately 6-7 business days to arrive, while those sent within the UK usually take 1-3 business days. 

Contact Us 

Do you have questions? Send us a message and we at Top TubZ RC shall get back to you ASAP.  
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