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A Senton Top TubZ kit will consist of the following items a Top TubZ, Shock Cover, Tie Rod Protectors, AntennaTubes & Scorched Inner Fenders. Top TubZ protects your truck from debris, leaves, stones etc. These are made to order. They also double up as a stand to protect your trucks tyres from flat spots when stored.

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Tie Rod Colours:


ShockTubeZ come in black. Protecting your Shocks from damage (available in 1/5th Scale - 1/16th Scale)

Tie Rod Protectors come in Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Red. You will receive 2 for the Turnbuckles, 4 for the TieRods and 2 bumper infils. These give your trucks parts protection from stones & damage.

AntennaTubeZ come in different colours as shown in picture, these are to replace any damaged aerials you may have or want to change for a colour.

Scorched Inner Fenders are required for the Senton TubZ to fit to your truck. Both the Senton TubZ and Inner Fenders will give your truck the added protection it needs with these both working well together.

The kits are £57.95 not including postage as this will depend on where you are based in the world.

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