RC Body Reinforcement KIt


This RC reinforcement kit is a very cheap alternative to replacing & keep buying new shells or unbreakable bodies. It is lightweight, strong and durable with no mess or toxic smells.

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RC Body Reinforcement KIt:


If you're a basher, a weekend racer, or a pro, you will eventually crash your RC car or truck. It's not always a big deal, but as you crash more over time, the body to your car may start to crack.

In this kit you will receive a 20g x-pro glue pot, 2m of square or round edge trim & 6m of x-weave tape.

The trim is very hard wearing and washable, while the seal is very high quality and designed for tough everyday use.

The tape is re-enforced cross weave design preventing tears or rips, it is extremely highly adhesive making sure it stays in place.

The glue is an industrial grade, made in the UK. This has a super strength and works super fast. (please remember when using super glue to not get it on your body)

The trim comes in either round or square edge. This can be selected when ordering. Square edge fits nicely on 1/5th, 1/6th & 1/7th scale shells.
Round edge fits nicely on 1/8th & 1/10th scale shells. But preference is down to you.

*Fitting videos are under videos on this page

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